Nashville Photo Diary - a weekend getaway.


Bags packed and ready to jet, I headed to Nashville this past weekend for a much needed getaway. Two planes, an entire row to myself (score!), and one layover later, I made it, happier than ever.

Days spent wandering, working, creating, brainstorming, and sipping on major amounts of green tea and coffee are my favorite... and they happened frequently. If you are ever in Nashville, head on over to Barista Parlor for the ultimate hip experience. But prepare yourself, it's a lot of cool to take in. I have another new favorite coffee shop, but that one I'm keeping a secret.


Margot - in East Nashville.. if you haven't been there, I highly recommend it. Not only was the food delicious, but the ambience was perfect. Softly candlelit, Italian lights, and an indoor balcony.. need I say more?

The entire weekend I was completely in my element. Nashville is such a nice change of pace. It was cold - 48 degrees (colder than home, I could actually put a coat on!) This weather is my favorite.. it gave me freedom to dress in layers and drink hot coffee without actually getting hot.

Back to California I go. Over the next few days I have some fun blog posts in the works. Stay tuned for upcoming content of my collaboration with two of my favorites, Prism Boutique and Novella Royale.

Until next time.. x.

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