As 2015 has just begun, I can't help but to feel excitement. The year is a new slate, an unwritten book- 365 white pages.  It's a fresh beginning, but more importantly it's the time we get to reflect on the previous year and what we've learned. And holy shhhh!t, I have learned a lot. 2014 has taught me a lot about myself, my goals, and what I want from this life.  If I have any advice to give, I'll start here.  It has been a year of trial and error, changing directions, and seeing what works.  It took a few rocks thrown at me, but I've learned a lot about self worth, and about actually giving a damn when I want to be treated with respect and love.  Because yes, I deserve it, and so do you. I now have a backbone; a strong one too.

I have learned, and I'm still learning, that you have to work HARD. Really, really hard.  Passions pay off if you work your ass off at them.  I have accepted that failure is part of the process and I wouldn't be half of the person I am today if I didn't fail as many times as I have. Every time I fail, I learn. I have had interviews where I should have done my research, I've made a fool of myself in front of people, I've said the wrong things - but hey, I'm learning. And I haven't looked back at these mistakes, only forward. Never doubt yourself, you are only as capable as you believe yourself to be.

I have had the humbling opportunity to meet and work with some incredible people. It blows my mind the amount of creativity and fire these people have. It inspires me to endless amounts, and it's these people that are my favorite part about working on new projects. THANK YOU.  It is easy to wake up in the morning because of you, and for that I am grateful.

Read books. Lots of them. You will learn so much just by putting your nose in a book.

Never spend money you don't have.. to buy things you don't need.  2014 was my start to minimalism, and I still have a long way to go.  Honestly, less is more.  You will have more time to spend on things you love doing, instead of spending that time keeping up with the things you don't know what to do with.  Keep tabs on your bank account and prioritize.  You'll thank yourself later when your bank account looks nicer than that shirt (or bag, or shoes, or whatever) you wanted five months ago.  Remember, less is more.

And last but not least, travel. If I could tell you one thing to do in this life, it would be to see places and meet people.  I have been exposed to experiences and have met the most amazing and beautiful people, just by saying, "yes".  We are forever growing, changing, and transforming.  Life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Let yourself be vulnerable and love. My god, love hard. Be in the moment. Indulge yourself in music, let it fill your soul. Remember that timing is something you make yourself.  Don't take anything or anyone for granted. And never forget that the best things in life are free and yours.