I just got home from a much needed weekend on the water with my family and I am already missing being there.  But I've got to admit, it was a nice refresher to start this busy week.  I've been trying to push my boundaries lately with my photos, and trying to go even more raw and imperfect with my edits (hence the overexposed amounts of flash seen in my Instagram photos lately.)  I had a sliver hour of down time today and my sister and I were feeling creative so we decided to pull some pieces to shoot.  I recently received this gorgeous hand-dyed indigo silk wrap that is the perfect decor throw / headscarf / beach wrap.  No joke, it is beautiful and so soft (100% silk, people!). I want to hang it on my wall.  It is extremely versatile too, I practically find a use for it every day.  Each wrap is completely different, exclusively available here. If you love indigo, you must get onnnnnee.