"Yes, started as an answer to a question."

My incredibly talented friends and inspiring power couple, Jenna and Brad Holdgrafer, just opened their new shop - Yes.

And.... YES, it's amazing.  Yes, the aesthetic is beautifully minimal. Annnd yes, their collection is pure quality.  I am a big advocate on buying less, but better.  Thank you for making it easy, Brad and Jenna.  This is the beginning of something beautiful.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their opening collection:

"For Jenna and me, it’s been the answer for a lot of questions. Should we get married? Should we move onto a sailboat? Should we move to Portland? Should we move to Los Angeles? Yes? Yes. Sometimes yes made life weird, but better. And this ‘Yes’ is the next yes for us. We’ve always been a fan of owning less. The idea of buying one good kitchen knife as opposed to five ehh ones. I think our time on the sailboat inspired that. Having less stuff means be able to up and go to the next yes when the opportunity arises. Jenna and I thought for a while about what kind of products we wanted to carry, ultimately landing on selling things we would want in our home. Products that are not only functional, but designed thoughtfully with the user in mind. We’ve just hired our talented brother Garry to run the warehouse and we couldn’t be more happy with him. Blending work, friends, family, design, and culture are the reason why we started Yes."

Check out this shop @ - shop away and share the news!

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