About Taylr Anne

Taylr is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, photographer, and artist.  Based in a little coastal city in north Orange County, California, Taylr is surrounded by constant creativity. Her background and studies in Fine Art have given her a true artistic perspective, experimenting with new looks and ideas. With an appreciation for art, fashion, music and travel, Taylr has created a documented life submerged in it all. Starting as a personal project to collect visual inspiration and daily muse, Taylr Anne  has transformed into an international platform and source for the artistic and expressive lifestyle. Taylr's travels have influenced her sense of style, leading a life of bohemian flare and modern minimalism. From the coastal landscapes of the Pacific and the South of France, to the city life of New York, Paris, Barcelona, Nashville, Los Angeles and back again, Taylr's suitcase living has become a way of life. Photographing the places she visits, while collaborating with companies in campaigns and editorial & digital imagery, Taylr Anne has become a creative outlet to share her everyday life.  Inspired by the celebration of artistic expression and the ever-changing force of fashion, Taylr fused all that she loves into a visual outlet.. an outpour of inspiration and vision via the creative mind.