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Beach Evening with K M by LANGE

Over the years, I have collaborated with companies continuously as their passionate collections inspire and speak to me. K M by LANGE is based between Barcelona and Kyvi, creating beautiful pieces from quality materials. I deeply resonate with K M by LANGE's ethos— fashion is a reflection of your lifestyle, and I prefer to enjoy them both at a slower pace.

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Cool Girl Loafers by Stuart Weitzman

Whenever I am wearing something that is symbolic or has a small detail, it always makes me feel like I'm wearing something special because it feels as if maybe I will only notice. Stuart Weitzman came out with their newest collection, studded in roses. Don't blink or you'll miss it.

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Silk For An Everyday Look

I'll admit, I am very much a denim girl. I think it's the California style in me, but I love pairing denim with everything, especially silk blouses. There is something effortless and beautiful about styling a vintage pair of denim with silk; it's a relaxed and feminine look without trying to hard. And with a silk blouse that I can wear and wash (myself) everyday, Ravella is turning the tables.

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