Beach Evening with K M by LANGE

Over the years, I have collaborated with companies continuously as their passionate collections inspire and speak to me. One of these companies is based between Barcelona and Kyvi, creating beautiful collections out of quality materials. K M by LANGE's first collection launched in 2016 and I remember being a part of it. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than watching companies I work with grow in their own work; I am so inspired by passionate people. K M by LANGE recently shared their latest collection called the Babushka Collection, inspired by Kati's grandmother (see excerpt below). When learning the back story of this collection, I was so touched as both of my own grandmothers are so important to me.

An excerpt from the Babushka Collection: 
My childhood passed in Ukraine and I was a child of the Soviet period.
I was influenced by my mum seeing her designing and creating clothes with her friends, because in those times it was almost impossible to get clothes in stores. Getting fabrics was always a challenge too. My babushka ( “grand mother” in ukranian) somehow managed to get them almost always thanks to knowing the right people and she was extra careful not waste a single inch. Indeed, all the fabrics that she reached were designed in state-run fashion houses, vetted as to their conformity with Communist ideals. To give credit where it is due though, it should be said that many of those fabrics were of excellent quality...
Now I recovered those fabrics which were carefully kept by my babushka during more then 30 years, I decided to create a capsule collection using all those fabrics.
This collection has very limited stock of pieces. It s very intimate, personal and true to my roots. Big thanks to my idol babushka, without her these things would be impossible.

I brought both the Babushka Wool Coat and these beautiful plaid pants from the collection to the beach after a long day,  just in time for that beautiful golden hour. The beach has always been my grounding place, somewhere I can go to unwind and reflect. Just as my grandmothers have taught me about life, love, and loss, the sea has also taught me these things.  I often go to the beach with limited expectations and always leave with an enlightened state of mind. 

I just purchased this gorgeous stoneware vase from K M by LANGE's Objects collection and I can't wait to have it in my new home. Supporting people creating beautiful things in this world is so important to me; it makes me happy. I deeply resonate with K M by LANGE's ethos— "fashion moves fast but we don't. We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace."
I couldn't agree more.

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