It's been a while, but the ocean will always be home.  Being in the water is an unexplainable feeling.  Not only are you tested physically, but the mental rewards of it all far surpass anything else.  Some days it will take you twenty minutes to paddle out, while other days it’s easier than ever.  But in the end, it is always worth it.  Surfing has been beyond just an exercise for me, a hobby, or anything else you want to call it.  Being in the water has become a way of life, my home and my sanctuary.  I know many people can relate and it is an amazing experience that is hard to fully explain. But I’m going to try; I want to share what surfing has taught me specifically over the last couple of years.

Surfing has taught me a multitude of things. 

How to be free. Surfing has shown me exactly what it means to be free in a life of routine.  Mentally and physically, I have awaken such senses in realization that the moment is all that matters.  Sometimes I am bold, I take chances, not knowing the outcome.  And I am okay with it.  Being aware of my surroundings and taking it all in is something that has come with time.  And boy is it worth it.  Surfing has taught me to stop and seek peace and serenity…. in nature, a sunset, a quiet morning.. the list goes on and on.  

Surfing has taught me how to seek good energy and how to connect with people. I have met the most amazing community through our mutual appreciation of the sea.  We all seem to share a similar mindset, and most of the time it goes without even saying a word.  To be able to share good energy with other people gives the quality of life such a new meaning.  I have learned the importance of connecting with people who embrace positivity and exude happiness.  It is such a wonderful way to live.  The power of positivity is an incredible key to happiness.  

To embrace beauty.  Over the last couple of years, my ability of admiration has been completely refreshed.  My eyes have been opened and my heart is so full all the time 

Search for adventure.  I try to not take days (or things) for granted.  Living life waiting for the weekend or waiting for the summer… soon you will realize you’ve been waiting for something that has been accessible all along.  

To love and to grow.  I know it is silly to say that laying on a surfboard has taught me how to love, and I don’t mean it to be that way. But there is something about being out in the ocean that makes me want to love people so much more.  I crave connection.  It is the moments of vulnerability in the sea that I feel with people.  The moment of anticipation.  The questionability of the future.  The fear of the unknown. The feeling of content.  The happiness of living.  The desire and passion.  It is all connected to love, and I am more aware of myself and my feelings.  

Surfing has taught me who I am and who I want to be.  I have learned so much about myself, especially over these last few years.  Soul searching is something that doesn’t always happen overnight.  It is a process, a wonderful and challenging process.  I constantly go to the ocean for inspiration and for answers.  It is my visual muse.  It is me.

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