1. "I do not desire mediocre love. I want to drown in someone."
  2. A lovely letter from 4th&Bleeker. xoxo

  3. Gone girl.

  4. Ready to rock and roll.

  5. Birthday breakfast.

    Feeling loved. :)

  6. Classy man, J.

  7. My kinda type. Ohhhh, everything here is my kind of type. (at East Side Story)

  8. And just like that, you’re swooning this California girl’s heart.

  9. I can dig, Nashville.

  10. New York was a treat, but now it’s time for some Nashville fun. (at 24th and 10th)

  11. In the city, above the city. (at 24th and 10th)

  12. New York City, you’re swooning me with all of your alleys and avenues.

  13. My ride, ya feel? (at Williamsburg Bk)

  14. Good morning, New York.

  15. Bleecker’s St.