NOTO: The Natural Beauty Brand That Has Caught My Attention

NOTO, Sicilian in origin, meaning "noted" or "notorious", is an all natural and organic beauty brand that has caught my attention lately. The beauty industry is one of the most toxic out there, and after eleven years of being in this chemical game, ultimate cool girl, Gloria Noto, set out to change this direction toward a more positive shift. Using only the finest ingredients coming from nature, all of NOTO's products are vegan and cruelty free. Multi-use, uni-sexy, and minimal are three words identified with the brand and I couldn't agree enough. After experiencing the products for a few months, I can wholeheartedly say I love NOTO..

NOTO's ethos is an exceptionally cool explanation on viewing beauty in this saturated market of misdirection. Beauty is far more than what is seen on the surface; it is a reflection of who we are as individuals, what we believe in and how we share these passions with others. Celebrating the lifestyle of uniqueness, NOTO emphasizes the layers of what beauty and self expression really is. "We are a champion for ferocious courage in individual self expression with conscious living, cultivating a community of diverse yet likeminded individuals." This state of mind is something I have always been passionate about. In a world of easy distractions, conscious living is actually a topic I just was reminded of in a church message I heard last night. By being aware of what is happening around us, our surroundings, and what we invest our time and money in every day, we can be more in tune to what makes us feel most alive and present. 

The products I have and love:

Hydra Highlight – All Over Glow:

For a nice subtle highlighter, this is your go-to. Apply everywhere.. my favorites? Eyelids, cupid's bow, tip of nose, and just above the cheekbones. Hydra Highlight, .25 oz, $24

Multi-Benne Tint – Lips + Cheeks + Eyes:

This is the perfect stain for that I-just-had-a-really-good-kiss-sesh flush lip. I throw it in my bag and bring it everywhere. Since this product is multi-use, you can warm it in your hands and use it on your cheeks, or for a cool look, apply to eyelids. Multi-Benne Tint, .25 oz, $26

Resurface Scrub:

Okay, I preach about this product. This is, by far, my favorite scrub I have ever used. Not only does it work like magic, but it smells incredible. Blood orange, alpha hydroxy acids and walnut powder combine to create a gentle exfoliate that leaves your skin completely refreshed. Prepare to feel as if you just got a facial. Recommendation is to use twice a week. Resurface Scrub, 2 oz, $25

Rooted Oil – Scent + Hair:

Since one of my favorite natural scents is Palo Santo, I fell in love with this oil. Also mixed with subtle undertones of smoke, wood, Bergamot and Cardamom you can imagine how incredibly sexy this smells. A little goes a long way, and again you can put it anywhere. Neck and hair make a good spot for extra long hugs. Rooted Oil, 2 oz, $55

Basil Yarrow Mist – Face + Hair:

Another product I wish to carry around with me always... This refreshing mist is earthier than the typical rose water mist you see circling the beauty world– and that is just one of the reasons I love it so much. I have never been a fan of really floral scents. I crave something with more of an earthier undertone– fresh and subtle. I personally think a unisex scent is a little more inviting, and this mist you'll want to spray all day long. Basil Yarrow Mist, 2 oz, $29

Deep Serum – Face + Neck:

This is the ultimate hydrating serum I've tried in a while. With a rich aroma, this blend contains Grapeseed oil, Rosehip seed, Wild Carrot, Grapefruit oil, Marula, Sea Buckthorn, and Caffeine Crystals for skin tightening and awakening. Often times, people forget that our neck needs love just as much as our faces do and with a gentle reminder on the label, it makes it near impossible to forget. During the spring and summer months, my skin tends to get dry with allergies and I love use Olive Oil or Grapeseed oil to help. For the past few years, I've preferred natural oils as moisturizers than creams and this one accomplishes what I need. Deep Serum, 2 oz, $48

Learn more about NOTO and view their entire collection here.