The Shoes I Am Into Right Now


I've aways been a fan mixing unexpected color. It makes me happy to wear it and pair it with classic pieces that I know will be timeless. These Korkease Santa Ana Black Leather Peep-toe Heels are the perfect staple for my closet and I don't have anything else like them. While they come in three colors (black, teak, and blush), there's something I love about the chunkiness of the black and how they remind me of shoes I dreamed of having as a teenager. Wedges and chunky heels are making a huge comeback for Summer and Fall 2018 so I am building my collection again starting with these. Made of leather, these shoes are made to last. I am huge on comfortable shoes. Most often, if they are not comfortable I won't wear them. I don't like to waste time wearing shoes that hurt my feet or have bad support, yet not all comfortable shoes have to look like they belong to your grandmother. If you know where to look and the right brands, the shoes you wear can be comfortable and stylish. With a 3.5" heel, I'm singing praises for a heel that's actually manageable. At 5'10", I rarely wear a heel taller than 3.5", not at the hesitation of being too tall, but because anything taller is somewhat hard to walk in— these Korkease Santa Ana Heels make the cut. I love the continuation of leather through the entire heel making these shoes unique and fun. I can't wait to wear these with different looks and style all through the warmer months ahead.