In Bed With Me: Sleeping with Snowe


At 6am I am: pressing snooze one more time on my alarm.

At 7am I am: out the door, on my way to get coffee and take pictures.

Morning or night?: both, early to rise, late to sleep.


Fall asleep to silence, white noise, or music?: white noise/fan

Three things to do in bed: Sleep, read, and love.

Favorite morning of the week: Sunday


Three things on my side table right now: iPhone, a glass of water, my glasses

Right, left, or middle of the bed: leftish middle?

Something I never take off: my jewelry


At 9pm I am: finishing my workout, or watching netflix.

At 10pm I am: getting ready for bed, reading a book, thinking about my next day.

Three things to describe the perfect bed situation: white cloud-like bedding, a lover, and no morning agenda.

Creating an exceptional home can be refreshingly simple.

Someone once told me you're either on your feet or laying down, so invest in good shoes and even better bedding. I recently came across Snowethe ultimate online destination for home essentials that you will want to use everyday. Whether throwing an intimate party or eating a bowl of popcorn on the couch on Friday night with you sig-other, Snowe offers exceptional quality and design through it all. In a multifaceted world where options are overwhelming and endless, why not invest in products that you can use everyday, time and time again? By partnering with the best factories and selling directly, Snowe offers exceptional products at a much lower cost. Talk about transparency! After looking through the site and wanting practically everything, I knew where to start: new bedding. Their new Sateen collection is unbelievable... soft and extremely cozy, with a high quality sheen creating incredible luxury. After my first night in a cloud of sateen heaven, I am fully convinced there is no such time for compromising. 

A few more details about the materials:
400 Thread Count
Made in Portugal
 100% Long Staple Cotton Sateen

Want to give Snowe a try? I've teamed up with the cool founders (Rachel & Andres) to give you 15% off all bedding. Use code: taylranneXSNOWE at checkout to experience the best sleep of your life.

Sleeping in:

Snowe Sateen Duvet Cover / Snowe Sateen Pillow Shams

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