IV Therapy: The Hydration Room


Lately, I feel like my life has been nonstop. While I am so thankful for being busy all the time, it can take a toll on my body. Naturally, I am a slow-paced person. I love my routine and need time to recharge. Feeling a bit rundown, I decided to head to The Hydration Room for some IV Therapy. The top ten reasons for IV Therapy include fitness recovery, flu and cold, hangovers, reduce stress, migraines and headaches, mood elevation, malabsorption and GI health, immune support, chronic fatigue, and acute and chronic pain. With so many wellness IV therapies, you can focus on exactly what you're looking for and what your body needs.  Today I focused on their Cold + Flu remedy to stop any cold from starting and to give my immune system a boost. This IV helps fight off any cold or flu. Powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, zinc, and anti-inflammatory medicine are used to relieve aches and pains (especially if you have a headache due to sinus pressure). As soon as I got there, I filled out my medical history, got my IV put in (which was absolutely painless). My nurse was incredible and so sweet! I sat in one of those plush white chairs for about 40 minutes total.  After a first bag of hydration and extra vitamin C, I started on the Cold + Flu Remedy, and then was done. She told me I would feel at least 50% better the following day, and will experience a better mental clarity by that afternoon. Oh my gosh, I could definitely feel the mental clarity for sure. I knew it was working.

It was such an easy experience and something that I want to incorporate into my wellness routine. It is nice having the accessible option to do incredible things for our bodies. The Hydration Room also does Injection Therapy which includes your B12 boosts, B vitamins, Bright Skin Shot, Clear Skin Boost, and so many more. I am looking forward to trying more of their IV Therapies including their Immune Support, Jet Lag Revival (after long travels!), Skin Health, and Fitness Recovery and Monthly Relief. I wish I could have done something like this when I was in college playing volleyball 30+ hours a week! I am definitely going to keep them on speed dial any time I feel I need a little therapy. Thank you The Hydration Room for such an easy and revitalizing experience!

Photos by Taylor cole.