1. Find eclectic pieces that mean something to you.
Art collecting is a process. It isn't something that should be done in a single afternoon, but collected throughout your life. Every piece you bring into your home should be meaningful and something you want to look at day after day. I have found or created the pieces in my home over many years, which makes them that much more special.  Whether prints, drawings, or paintings— take time finding the gems which will brighten your space. Look online for inspiration and see what really draws your attention. Start a pinterest board with visuals that inspire you, then go from there. Often times, artists will sell prints of their work which you can get framed or you can go big and invest in an original. I love framing mementos like a written note or a map from international travels. If you have a creative hand, you can even go to a local art store and create some of your own works to display.


2. Realize that there are no rules when it comes to art.
Art is extremely subjective, which is one of the many reasons why it is so wonderful! Whatever you are looking at, if it makes you feel something, it is worth the time spent admiring it! Often times, people think art has to be pretty, but I find the most simplistic line drawings intriguing. The minimalism in art work is something I have always been in love with. Even throughout college when I was studying Fine Art, my work always had simplicity behind it. Be true to what you love, and the art in your home will make you happy.


3.  Mix mediums when displaying art throughout your home.
Love paintings? Great! What about sketches? Sculptures? Ceramics? Books? Mixing multiple mediums of art will give your home a sophisticated and mature aesthetic. It shows that you know how to appreciate more than paint on a canvas.


4. Framing your art will make even the simplest pieces look aesthetically pleasing.
I had the most amazing experience working with Framebridge, an all-inclusive and affordable framing company based in Maryland. Cue story: For the past few months, I've really wanted to frame one of Matisse's cut out prints from his Blue Nude series. But not just any size, I wanted to go big. With the help from Framebridge (and by help, I mean I didn't have to do anything but a few clicks on my computer), I was able to make it happen! From start to finish, they make it easy and when you receive your piece, it is ready to hang.

Here are the steps I followed from their website!

  • Choose your frame style.
  • Upload or send your artwork (they provide prepaid packaging!)
  • Relax and wait to receive your artwork directly to your door.
  • Hang and enjoy!

5. Hang or rest your art in groupings
I love to have art not only hanging, but resting against my walls and sitting on top of books. Resting large frames against your walls gives your home a very laid back and effortless feel, as if your art just perfectly belongs there. I also prefer to put personal and mixed media work next to prints, giving the eye plenty to look at. Variety is key! Bottom line: Fill your home up with art and break rules. It is good for the soul and will brighten your mood.


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