Slow Mornings Start With Coffee


Lately, I've had the consistent feeling of needing to slow down my mornings. What gradually progressed into a routine of waking up and checking my phone, (first notifications, the casual scroll through Instagram to see what I missed while I was asleep, and then to my emails)..turned my mind into a quick pedaling bicycle and the gnawing feeling that I couldn't waste another moment before getting to work. Fast forward to now: I wake up at 6, without touching my phone and go straight into the kitchen to turn on the stove for my tea kettle and boil water to make my morning coffee. Not a thought about work has yet crossed my mind, and I am able to have a clear head and really take the time to wake up gradually. Depending on my mood and appetite, I will either open a book and read for an hour, make a delicious breakfast, or gather inspiration and jot down some ideas for what my day will entail. 

Morning coffee has not only become a routine, but a daily simple pleasure that I look forward to every time I wake up. Surely I can function without caffeine, but it is the ritual and slowness of this activity I enjoy so much. I've been on constant hunt of finding rich and flavorful coffee beans to bring home, and recently I've been drinking Black Fuel Trading Co's Big Sur Blend & their 11:20 Blend.


Not only do I like these coffee blends, but I like this company. Black Fuel Trading Co., created by Thirty Seconds to Mars' Shannon Leto, emphasizes the culture and lifestyle that begins with coffee. Amongst his travels, Leto took great interest in the art of specialty coffee. The result of this exploration and interest manifested into what the company is today– one that ideals much more than coffee.


Black Fuel Trading Company is more than great specialty coffee - it’s an idea.  It’s the beginning of a conversation.  One meant not only to educate and inform but also to inspire.  It’s a conversation about wants and desires, passions and loves...those that get you out of bed in the morning and those that keep you up at night.