Denim Rules To Live By

Rule #1:
Denim matches with everything, even more denim.

Different shades? Sure! Multiple textures? Bring it on. You can't go wrong with layering denim. No matter how it's done, it always looks good.


Rule #2:
The higher the rise, the more flattering my waistline looks.

Hourglass is real and accentuated, thanks to 11" rises. Don't be afraid to try high rise or feel like you'll look like you're wearing the dreaded mom jeans. They hit in one of the most flattering spots on a woman's body. Tuck in tee, show off a tiny waist, and make your butt look good all at the same time.


Rule #3:
The cropped flare is the new go-to.

Want to make your legs look miles long and show off your ankles at the same time? The answer: cropped flares.


 Rule #4:  
A white button down and straight leg jean will always be chic.

Can't figure out what to wear again? Take cues from the French. No matter how you feel about your closet, throw on a classic white button down and your favorite pair of straight leg jeans. You will immediately appear effortless and exude that look every woman is trying to achieve.


Rule #5:
Don't be afraid of white wash denim.

Your white-on-white ensemble is nothing like what the painter working on the house next door is wearing. Pair your white denim with that button down I was talking about, or even a fitted vintage tee.


Rule #6:
The longer you own a pair of jeans, the better they get.

Denim is like an old book. The more tears and wears, the better the story is.


Rule #7:
A good fitting pair of jeans will be your foolproof secret weapon.

Want to feel like a million bucks? Know your body type and invest in jeans that fit you well; ditch the rest. Those jeans you've had for years but are uncomfortable as hell? Donate them. They are only taking up room for pairs that are going to make you look and feel amazing.