My Stay At Santa Monica Proper Hotel


As we pull under the overhang to escape the bustling LA streets, a grey concrete building sat in front of us with a solid wood door. The hotel was modern from the outside and the door seemed to be as tall as the tree it was cut from. I pulled it open with ease to reveal Santa Monica Proper’s sophisticated, neutral-toned lobby with textures that were art nouveau, rustic and everything in between. An exciting getaway encompassing great food, poolside oasis, a rooftop bar, and an eastern-style wellness spa was awaiting us. Evoking feelings of awe as our steps lead us away from the lobby and in to the adjacent lounge, an open floor plan greeted us with tasteful craftsmanship and design. Hardwood floors revealing different textures of colored rugs, every table and uniquely designed chair, organic hues, and soft textures provide a proper venue for this art-filled hotel. Each piece of furniture was unique to its neighbor; its arrangement was not a mistake, yet thoughtfully placed. The whole stay could have been spent exploring the detailed lounge and stimulating our taste buds with the fresh and vibrant flavors of California, courtesy of Palma restaurant. 

With the setting sun, the Santa Monica streets began to cool. It was time to make our way to Calabra, the only rooftop restaurant in Santa Monica. As we passed the pool, the colors of the setting sun painted shades of purple and orange on the last ripples of a sunkissed swimmer. The buzz of conversation paired with the symphony of glassware was pushed our way by the passing of a warm breeze. With the ocean and a panoramic view of Santa Monica, we enjoyed cocktails and a Balearic-Mediterranean style cuisine. The mood shifted with the dimming of lights. A tired businessman took his last swig of beer; a young couple laughed while engulfed in a conversation that seemed to have lasted for hours. Tired, full, and happy we thanked our kind waiter and headed out of the salty ocean breeze and settled away for the restful sleep we so looked forward to. Goodnight, Santa Monica. 

A special thank you to Santa Monica Proper Hotel for a lovely staycation and wonderful hospitality.

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