The cool kids at Ritual Wellness asked me to try one of their day cleanses, and I was super excited to give it a go! They have three different options you can choose from - the 'Classic Reset', 'Seasonal Reset', or 'Build Your Own'. As this was my first juice cleanse (ever), I decided to go with the Seasonal Reset which includes 6 juices for the day: three chlorophyll rich green blends, one antioxidant-packed blend, one alkalizing lemonade & one protein rich nut milk.  Unlike the 'Classic Reset', this cleanse has one substituted juice. Instead of another green juice, it's a delicious pomegranate/orange/coconut mix.


I went through the whole day and enjoyed it all. My favorite juice was the protein rich nut milk.. it tasted like dessert! The alkalizing lemonade was a little much for my taste, but I absolutely loved all of the green juices. Overall, this experience was so great. I felt it was a jumpstart to my health kick I've been wanting to get back on.  (Too many coffee and pastry dates... whoops!) After the cleanse I noticed I had no cravings, stronger mental clarity, and better digestion. I didn't miss food, because with the amount of juices you get, you really don't get hungry. I felt focused and energized.  Give it a try, I think you'll love it as much as I did.

Photos via pinterest.

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