Although I prefer simple gestures for Valentine’s Day like a handwritten note or cooking dinner together, or even slow dancing in your kitchen with a nice bottle of wine.... I've teamed up with the men over at Cool Material to give you a fool proof guide to get your girl something extra special for V-Day.


1. Maison Louis Marie Antidris Cassis Perfume

* One of my favorite scents from Maison Louis Marie, this oil perfume is feminine and romantic.

2.  Winden Babe Necklace


* A cute gesture for the babe in your life.

3. Homemade Dinner for Two

*Check out my Pinterest board for some recipes.

4. Aesop Auriga Set

* A perfectly curated collection, this set is dreamy and sensual.

5. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Set

6. Fresh Flowers and a Handwritten Note

* I love written notes. They are by far my favorite things to receive. Brownie points? Pick up a leather journal from Barnes and Noble and write a note inside for her to keep. Go back to that same notebook and fill it with your words as time goes on.

7. A.P.C. Feuille De Figuier No. 5 Candle


8.  Instax Polaroid Camera


* The perfect gift for the girl who likes to capture moments, be sure to get a pack of film as well.

9.  J. Hannah Pinky Signet


* Brownie points? Get your initial on it instead of hers.

10. A Nice Bottle of Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

* To share of course. A current favorite:  Chloe Red Blend. Even the label is sexy.



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