I've had a few people ask me to do a post on my morning routine.... so here it is (without the silly little details). Want to know what I do in the morning, every morning to get ready?  My routine is actually pretty simple.  I'm the type of shower, get dressed, "give me twenty!" type of girl. Because let's be honest, I love breakfast more than getting ready.

Step One: Drink at least 24 oz. of water.  I'm an aquaholic so normally I'll drink more, but that's a good place to start.

Step Two: Wash my face with my Clarisonic Mia.  I bought mine two years ago on Amazon and now I use it 4 days a week because my face just feels cleaner with it.  Research it, it's true too.  Seriously, you'll be hooked. (P.s. they have one for men too!)

Step Three: I always (try to) wash my hair the night before instead of the morning.  I don't know what it is, but my hair tends to lay better with bedhead.  Sometimes I use Not Your Mothers Texture Beach Spray, which is pretty bomb diggity, but unless it is in eyes view, I forget.  Also, ever since I chopped my hair it doesn't get tangled.. it's pretty much the best thing ever. One quick brush after I wash my hair and I'm set. As I'm 'minimal'-izing my lifestyle slowly but surely, I decided to ditch all else and buy myself a quality brush.  I bought the raddest comb from Catbird while in New York, as well as the Janeke brush listed below (but in black).  Italian-made and totally worth the splurge.

Step Four: Makeup.  I use grapeseed and coconut oil as my moisturizer, yes- grocery store bought grapeseed & coconut oil! Do it.  You won't use anything else ever again, I promise (or use avocado oil.. or olive oil works too).  I only use coconut oil for my lips / rest of my body though, never on my face, as they say it's pore clogging, no thanks! My sister-in-law makes some pretty cool homemade natural skincare products (including both face wash and coconut oil lip balm.  Check out her shop here).  I just started using BareMinerals new BareSkin and I don't think I'll go back to anything else. I put a little color on my cheeks, and then a few swipes of mascara.  I just started using Cate McNabb's Mascara in Brown and I definitely recommend it.  It's super natural, which is a must for me with my extremely blonde hair.

Step Five: FINALLY. BREAKFAST... Check out these recipes and ideas... my mouth is watering already.

*If you have any questions for me (or questions about products), leave them in the comments below!


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