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Do you ever come across a shop who's aesthetic makes you so excited because everything about it you feel drawn to? When I first connected with Wild Poppy Goods through Instagram, I knew this was a collective I was going to be in love with. From the inspiring visuals to the hand selected pieces, every piece in Taylor Kitto's collection is something I want to bring in my home. For my first order, I received a Palo Santo bundle (essential!) and a gorgeous brass box I keep them in. Ever since I was introduced to Palo Santo a few years ago, I have been in love with the scent. The majority of my essential oils and perfumes now have a hint of palo santo in it because its earthy undertones tend to agree with me and I always make sure to light a little a burn it through my home every morning.


Wild Poppy Goods, based in Portland, Oregon, is a beautifully curated shop featuring both independent makers and hand selected vintage. Owner Taylor Kitto started her company with intent to bring together items made with beauty and quality.

"Growing up on the Central Coast, California has served as a big inspiration to me my entire life. The name of our shop, Wild Poppy Goods, was chosen as a homage to my home state. Although we are now based in Oregon, the name has stayed as a reminder of the West Coast spirit. I make sure every item on our site is made intentionally and tells a story.These are the items and stories  I proudly pass on through Wild Poppy Goods."
–– Taylor Kitto, Founder & Owner of Wild Poppy Goods

My Favorites:

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