Sideline: Clothing for Everyday


“I design for the women around me – like-minded women who care about fashion and how they dress, who are effortlessly stylish and softly confident. They’re not interested in faddy, throwaway clothing, instead coveting unique pieces that show integrity and thoughtfulness in their design”

Ellen Brookes, designer and founder


Understated design and subtle, minutiae detailing are at the core of contemporary womenswear label SIDELINE, whose focus is indigo fabrics worked into inventive, thoughtful designs. Clean yet feminine, this is a collection of everyday clothing that feels special. Each season SIDELINE delivers a concise but versatile collection of woven pieces based in indigo using a carefully edited range of fabrics that create interest in their weave. Clever cutting and an exceptional level of detail in the design give the collection its unique aesthetic.Every SIDELINE piece is proudly made by a small factory in Istanbul that specializes in laundered and denim clothing. The factory’s uniquely creative approach to working with small labels as a way of investing in the future of fashion is important to the brand, because every piece in the SIDELINE collection should be made with the same care it is designed with.


As soon as I was introduced to SIDELINE, I knew this collection was something different. Designed to be kept, Ellen creates a line that is meant to be worn everyday. In shades of beautiful indigo and earth tones, I fell in love with the feel and detail of each piece. After a long email thread with the owner and designer of SIDELINE, we dove deep and Ellen gave me creative direction to shoot some of my favorite pieces. We chatted about life and happiness, and I answered some intimate questions. Read below for my answers:

Tell us a little about yourself…. What inspires you?

I run a blog full-time, based in beautiful Southern California. The balance of working in the industry I love and having a slow life full of quiet mornings and cuddles with my dogs gives me a very happy life. I have only recently rediscovered how much I crave this lifestyle and it makes me feel truly alive. I am inspired by a multitude of things… art, the quiet hours of the morning before the sun rises, color, earth tones, simplicity, coffee, long road trips, traveling, natural materials. I am constantly inspired when I keep my eyes stimulated. I go to Pinterest often; it is where most of my inspiration is chaotically organized. 

What makes you happy?

Simple things. Being in the open air or surrounded by art. Being with someone I love, cooking, my dogs, family, sunshine. I think I am happiest when I am able to love deeply and take care of things that are important to me.

Who is your style icon and why?

I am inspired by so many things when it comes to style that often this question is a hard one for me to answer. As someone who studied art in college, I am constantly seeking visual inspiration. I have found that there are certain things I am drawn to which ends up connecting in other aspects of my life. An example in color: as the days are heating up, I find myself drawn to warm earth tones you’d find in the desert. That color is influenced in my closet and home.. I want those rich tones everywhere.

What are you currently listening to and reading at the moment?

I love music and reading! I actually update a playlist every week with tunes I can’t get out of my head, you can follow it HERE!  For books, I am currently finishing Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan and reading The Art of Peace and Happiness by Rupert Spira, and I just started a Book Club created by Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss called @belletrist so South and West by Joan Didion is next.

What do you like about Sideline?

I think Sideline is the perfect combination for the modern woman. Balancing both life in the ‘workplace’ while making home life a priority, I think women need a wardrobe that can do both. Living on the coast of California has given me a very laid back style, where effortless seems most natural. Looking and feeling the collection Sideline has created, it’s easy to see that these pieces are quality, meant to be worn over and over again. In a world where overconsumption seems to be the norm, it’s beautiful to see companies like Sideline creating gorgeous, intricate pieces that could be in your closet forever. 

Shop the Collection HERE.

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