Why Peels Are A Secret Weapon for Clear & Healthy Skin

A few months ago I started going to FaceologyMD in Newport Beach for some extra skin care and I have been on a regimen that has really helped clear my skin. While I have been making conscious skincare choices, I still needed that additional insight to really give my blemish-prone skin some help. With summer here, all I want to do is go sans makeup every day (but always with sunscreen, of course), keeping my morning routine to under ten minutes. While my skin is not perfect yet, it’s on its way and meeting with FaceologyMD’s PA, Tina Morris, every month has really gotten me on a consistent routine for getting my skin glowy, happy and healthy. During my first visit, I did a HydraFacial and then we decided that a set of peels would be best to help with congestion and overall clarity. Now don’t be scared, peels sound scarier than they actually are— to be honest, they aren’t scary at all. Chemical peels typically use Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic Acids to clean your pores. Peels are a unique blend of acids and antioxidants that will help improve the clarity, tone and texture of the skin. Peels also help remove or reduce hyper pigmentation, controls acne and improves the appearance of acne scars, reduces the appearance of pore size, softens fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmer, more youthful skin. With all of the positives of monthly peels, I have noticed it helping my skin already. After my first treatment, I peeled for about 3-5 days and then had an initial breakout which was a result of my clogged pores. It doesn’t hurt at all, and depending on the intensity of the peel, you might feel a little zing at application. After your peel, your skin will feel tight but it requires no downtime. You will be a little peely for the next few days, but about two weeks later your skin will be looking clearer and your pores will definitely be less noticeable. By removing that layer of skin, it allowed my skin to easily purge impurities, and with consistent peels, the goal is to keep them clear for good. I just went in for my second monthly peel today, but I can really feel my skin becoming clearer. Once my pores are clear, I can work on a maintenance routine. Until then, I am planning on going in once a month.