Silk For An Everyday Look

I'll admit, I am very much a denim girl. I think it's the California style in me, but I love pairing denim with everything, especially silk blouses. There is something effortless and beautiful about styling a vintage pair of denim with silk; it's a relaxed and feminine look without trying to hard. Silk lays on your body in all the right places, and with a structured denim, it is the perfect balance. This beautiful blouse by Ravella (which means to rebel in Italian) is the perfect denim companion. In a classic silhouette, I feel sexy wearing such a simple outfit. This blouse is soft to touch and the color is like nothing else I have in my closet. My favorite part is it doesn't need to be dry cleaned. Throw that baby in your washing machine!  I feel as if I already don't have enough hours in the day, but knowing I can wear this pieces time after time without having to drop it off at the dry cleaners is a huge plus for me. As I paired this classic silk with denim, you really can wear silk for every occasion and that's what I love about it so much. While typically you wear silk with caution in fear of spilling or getting something on it, with Ravella there are no worries. Wear it for work with trouser or on a date with skinny jeans— the versatility is endless!

I feel super passionate about companies who are transparent and true about what defines them. Ravella cuts the middleman and the mark-ups. While their product is handmade by the same people, with the same quality material as high-end luxury brands, they cut all external costs leaving their blouses between $100 - $225, while others are charging between $500 - $1,000. The transparency in companies I support is huge for me. As I strive to surround my life with people who exude those qualities, why wouldn't I also do the same for the things I am purchasing and bringing into my life? Ravella's goal is to empower women to create their own path, to break rules and make their own. What is more inspiring than that?

You can pre-sale order this Bellagio Pocket Silk Blouse on for the price of $185 (originally $225). Just place your order by December 17th!

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