My Transition To Non-Toxic Skincare & Makeup

My skincare journey has been a total learning experience. Struggling with acne, unaware of gut health and how it affects our skin, and figuring out hormones has all been part of my story. I have tried everything, from antibiotics and Accutane (cringing at that decision), to every topical cream you can imagine. I used to wear makeup with harmful chemicals in it (I didn’t know any better) and lotions that were equally as bad. Non-toxic was an eyeopening transition for me a few years ago, and I have never felt better about making the conscious decision to treat my body with good things. Over the past year I have really gotten to know the good ingredients from the bad. A few months ago I decided to ditch anything on my shelf that I felt didn’t serve me. I have learned that the more simple things are, the better my skin is and the clearer my mind is. Having a very curated product display has allowed me to really create a routine and ritual I love. I now double cleanse my skin with organic hempseed oil and tone with a homemade mix of rosewater and witch hazel with a hint of apple cider vinegar. Canon actually made this for me and it’s my favorite. Every other day, I will do a morning mask with Activist Manuka Honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric for about 30 minutes. I feel like it has really helped even my skin and minimize breakouts and redness. I have been using a few drops of this Alchemy serum twice a day, and have been mixing in mists, serums and masks for what I feel like I need most according to my skin and hormones.

For makeup, I have been using Kosas Tinted Face Oil and really love it. I don’t really like wearing makeup, so this oil is the perfect way to cover any redness I am having and is still light and airy. It combines six active botanicals, made with avocado, green tea, jojoba, rosehip, red raspberry, and meadowfoam. For concealer, or days I want minimal or extra coverage, I have been using RMS Uncover. I’ve used this product for a few years and it’s been such a good, natural coverup for me. It blends really well and you can still see my natural skin under, it just helps reduce redness. My two favorite cream blushes are by Kjaer Weis and lilah b. I have been switching between this + this. You can use them for your lips as well, which I end up doing. For mascara, I prefer to wear a brown shade and this one by Ere Perez has been my favorite. My brows are pretty thick (and darker than my blonde hair naturally!) and I don’t do much with them other than brush and a little fill. I love putting a clear hold in them, typically with something like a clear mascara or brow gel. Overall, I keep my makeup to a minimum, but more than anything, it is easy.

Transitioning to a fully non-toxic skincare and makeup routine has allowed me to not only think consciously about what I am putting on my skin, but also about what I am putting in my body and using around my home. I am going to work on another post about both of these topics, but this non-toxic skincare journey has inspired me to be more thoughtful in my decisions and has really allowed me to think about curating other areas of my life in this same nature.

A few of my favorite nontoxic brands are—


Lesse, Activist Manuka, Poppy & Someday, Circumference NYC, Fur Oil, Wildcare, Monta, Moon & Rock, Herbivore Botanicals, Tata Harper, F. Miller, Osea Malibu, Peet Rivko, Klur, Sans[ceuticals], Ona Organics, Eluo Beauty, Daily Dew, Oille, Alder New York, DAMDAM, Rodin Olio Lusso, Palermo Body, Earth Tu Face, NOTO Botanics, Yoshimomo Botanique, Youth To The People, Goop, Oshan Essentials


Kosas, Kjaer Weis, lilah b., Alima Pure, RMS Beauty, ILIA, Crop Natural, W3ll People


Primary Elements Deodorant, Saalt Co, Nécessaire, Everyday Oil, Sangre De Fruta Botanical, Soul Sunday, Context Skin, J. Hannah Polish, Esker, Myro Deodorant, Type: A Deodorant


Act + Acre, Playa, Public Goods, Reverie, Sisters Body


Supergoop, Coola, Vive Sana, Juice Beauty

*I do most of my nontoxic skincare and makeup browsing on Credo Beauty, Cap Beauty, and Detox Market. The rest of my findings are through Instagram and the natural beauty + Wellness accounts I follow.
If you have specific product questions, leave me a comment on my Instagram post or below in the comment section of this blog post, and I will answer!