There is nothing more that I love than love itself, and when two creative minds come together and look good doing it, I'm all about it.  Here are my picks for favorite stylish couples of all time via Vogue.

Who: Niki de Saint-Phalle and Jean Tinguely 
Known for: Her work—like the beloved Nan sculptures and the Tarot Garden—is colorful, playful, childlike; his kinetic sculptures are machine-like, abstract. 
The Look: French bourgeois gone boho

Who: Christo and Jeanne-Claude 
Known for: Wrapping trees, buildings, islands for large-scale environmental works of art 
The Look: Jeans-ittude—and Jeanne-Claude’s flaming red hair

Who: Willem and Elaine de Kooning 
Known for: He created lush Abstract Expressionist paintings, among them a famous series of women; among the portraits she painted was one of President Kennedy. 
The Look: American Workwear

Who are your modern day favorites?