About A Girl: Taylr Anne

I was recently approached by one of my favorite companies, Urban Outfitters, for an interview about my blog and personal space; a day in the life on how I get creative. It has been the coolest experience & I am headed to Boise today to host the first stop of their #UOonCampus tour.  Come hang with me from 6-8pm tomorrow night at 328 S. 8th Street!


We have a longstanding crush on SoCal blogger Taylr Anne. In both her personal style and inspiring space, she’s got an effortlessly cool, laid-back aesthetic that pretty much makes us want to be her best friend. See a behind the scenes look at her daily life and join her as our host at College Night in Boise, Idaho this week. If you're in town, come hang out with us from 6-8pm at our store at 328 S. 8th Street — see you there!

Photos by Tarah Kreutziger

When did you first start blogging? What were you posting when you first started?

I started my namesake blog Taylr Anne  two years ago as a visual outlet and a place I could be creative. When I first started, I was super inspired by the surf culture I was emerged in, so a lot of my photos revolved around being at the beach and in the water, along with the cool fashion and art that surrounds that lifestyle. Now I find creative inspiration in other places too, and my blog has transformed into a curated space and glimpse into my everyday life and the projects I get to do.

What’s it like living and working in Orange County?

I love Orange County. I was born and raised here, so I always feel a sense of calm coming home after a long day. I’m only 45 minutes from LA, and being a quick 15 minute drive to the ocean is definitely a plus.

Can you tell us about a place you’ve recently discovered and loved?

Well, I just rediscovered what a gem Palm Springs is. I had forgotten how inspiring it is out there; from the architecture to the landscape, it is definitely worth a road trip with friends. I was also recently in Nashville, that city stole a piece of my heart for sure. My best friend and I are planning a trip to go back in October. Lastly, there is something about Paris that I love so much. I honestly think about it too often. But I mean... it’s Paris. And I must go back soon.

How do you describe your personal style?

I think my personal style really depends on my mood. If I’m dressing up, it’s most often all black and lace. If not, I’m usually in denim and a tee. I would like to think I have cool girl style, a little fun and a little tomboyish. I tend to gravitate toward that unisex look, but always with some type of heel even though I am already 5’10.

Can you share more about your studio apartment? How do you get inspiration for styling your space?

My studio is my happy place; it is where I entertain, work, cook, and sleep. I have a super pretty view of the city lights, so at night I like to relax with a book and enjoy my space. I feel like I am constantly looking for inspiration everywhere I go and that translates into how I decorate. Just like I prefer my photos to be well curated, I think my studio reflects that as well. I only bring in what I absolutely love.

Tell us something we don’t know about blogging.

There is a lot of creative direction that goes behind my work. There are hours of research, creative concepts, photography, editing, and post-production that goes into every post. I think sometimes that portion of blogging gets overlook.

What’s the secret to taking better Instagram photos?

Be inspired by others, but create your own thing

Right now I can’t stop wearing _______________.

My Levi’s denim jackets… I have about three on repeat.

What people, places, or things regularly inspire you?

Artists, musicians, photographers, shadows, hands, the ocean, and traveling.

What if we only have a weekend in Orange County. What are our must-visit spots?

I would recommend to just start your weekend surfing in San Clemente and then make your way up the coast, stopping in Laguna to see all the beautiful beaches. Grab coffee at Zinc Cafe in Corona Del Mar, and then head inland twenty minutes to visit Growl Juice Pub in Old Towne Orange. They have the best pitaya bowls I’ve ever had, so definitely go there! End your weekend watching the sunset in Newport Beach— it’s where I am most of my days. There are a lot of gems around there. Oh and don’t forget your camera, Orange County is super photogenic.

What do you make for dinner when you have friends over?

I’m a total foodie, so it really depends on the occasion.  I love making pan fried chicken or fish, with roasted veggies and fresh herbs from my backyard, or homemade pizza...with a good bottle of wine.

3 things you can’t live without…

Music, love, and a good read.