A Modern Take on Layering Overalls with Ankura


I recently collaborated with the beautiful brand, Ankura and I fell in love with not only their designs but the process and philosophy behind their brand. Ankura is a way of living, a sustainable one in which women are independent, modern and self-confident but also understand how their everyday choices make an impact on society. As I just published fifteen inspiring companies you should support this holiday, Ankura is another one you should definitely add to your list. From the creative process, to production and sales, what this brand brings to the world is truly beautiful.

Ankura -. Greek word. “Anchor”, for us holds together style and ethics behind the brand.
Ankura is a way of bringing the latest fashion trends to stand out the eco lifestyle of our clients, that cares about the social impact that can make in their daily activities. We believe that every person can make a difference by changing their decisions caring about their effect in the environment, suppliers, artisans, in the materials used, that are related to each one of their purchase.
Our philosophy includes:
Local Material Sourcing
Using natural and organic fibers
Producing in local workshops
Working closely with artisan communities
Giving back to local communities

To support Ankura, contribute to their campaign here.
To give and to get back in return.

By contributing to Ankura's campaign, you'll be enabling the brand to keep working with Peruvian artisans and small workshops in a sustainable manner, to raise their quality of life and revive Peru's ancestral handmade techniques.


Ankura Viera Top

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