Holiday Concepts with Coach


Time. What is it exactly? In a brief moment of thought, I waste 'it'. I think again. Time– a intangible thing we can't control. Every day of our life is centered around this concept of numbers, hands circling around or flipping every sixty seconds. As I reflect on this year, I can't believe how quickly it has gone, what I have learned, and how I have grown in both my work and life. To look back at where I was a year ago from now opens my eyes. Day-to-day life seems as if nothing changes, but looking back you realize that isn't the case at all, almost the opposite. Coach, a brand of 75 years, redefines luxury of the modern age, exudes change, and pushes the confidence of authenticity. Over the past few years, Coach has adapted and elevated their brand to something that has undoubtably caught my attention. Recognizing the effortless idea of personal style, I engage in the importance of keeping track of time in the highest quality possible. When I came across this blue faced watch by Coach, I could immediately feel the difference of what luxury means. As the ticking buzzes softly as I go about my day, I am reminded of those things that make Coach such an authentic company, pushing me to extend that authenticity in my everyday life.


Coach Delancey Gold Tone Sunray Dial Mesh Bracelet Watch

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