#CienneGirls: My Interview w/ Cienne

She lifts her arm and rests it comfortably over her eyebrows and closes her eyelids. All we can see is the poutiness that is left and a bit of her butterfly lashes—she is hiding under just the right amount of delicious white fur. Then, her hair takes the place of her arm. Parted in the middle, with just the right amount of texture, as if she traded in her sheets for an all-nighter in the ocean. Sometimes we only see the back of her, her multiple earrings tucked messily behind her ears.

Maybe thats what makes Taylr Anne a shining star amongst a constellation of bloggers. She doesn’t give us her whole self, at least on the surface she doesn’t. It’s an art really. The art of of leaving people guessing.

Taylr Anne is a blogger by label. But of course, she’s so much more. An art aficionado, a lover of coffee (and men), of energy and falling in love, of travel. She teaches us how images and fashion can show someone’s insides, someone’s authenticity. That hiding under clothes is the opposite of what one might think. It’s a look at what’s inside.

Taylr Anne is a #CienneGirl.

When I was young I’d thought I’d be

an art teacher— at one point during my studies, I thought that this is what I wanted to be. When I was younger, I never had the feeling of “I want to be *this* when I grow up”. I knew what interested me and what gave me happiness, but I couldn’t narrow it down because I wanted to be so many things. I still have time to be those things; I am young and life is funny that way. I’d love to open an art gallery somewhere someday, a place to gather, socialize, and be surrounded by art. I’ve also always wanted to write a book, I guess we will see where life takes me.

The first time I remember fashion “meaning something”

When I realized that what you put on in the morning can have a positive or negative effect on how you feel the entire day.


Fashion is to women like ___ is to ____.

Eyes are to a face. They really tell a lot about a person without saying a word.

Is fashion art?

Absolutely, every aspect of fashion is art.

Fashion is about more than

how it looks or what it costs, but how it makes you feel.


I’m inspired by

a multitude of things. It’s ever-changing which is what makes inspiration so wonderful. I am always inspired by art and traveling; usually when those two things collide with each other, my mind is on fire.

I’ve never told the world that

I don’t have that many secrets, yet I’ve been told I’m mysterious on more occasions than one…

At night when I’m alone I think about

how I can make tomorrow successful; or I tend to be on hunt for visual inspiration.


I’m scared that

time is not just a concept, and even one hundred more years would not be enough.

My happiest moment ever is

everyday that the people I love are healthy and happy.

My favorite fashion moment

trying to overpack my already-full suitcase with purchases I made in Paris— and then flirting with the airline service concierge so he wouldn’t charge me.


In my Cienne, I feel

like myself.

When I touch it, it feels like

something I’d want to throw on right out of bed, yet also something I would would put on for a night out.

If I had to explain the brand to my best friend I’d say

“Cienne, you know, the brand all the cool girls are wearing.”

I hope people reading this remember me by

Oh this is fun, I’m going to have to leave this one up to them.


Interviewed by Emily MarucciTaylr wears The Hudson Dress.

Mejuri Small Hoops & Thread Earrings. Giantlion Wide Hoops & Round Ring. Kristen Elspeth Thread Necklace. J. Hannah x Winden Necklace. J. Hanna Rings. Club Monaco Belt.

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