A pondering idea to think about, but one that is fortuitously  true– we, as functioning and adapting humans, get to know ourselves more everyday.  We learn about our likes and dislikes, the people we tend to gravitate toward, and the constants that we want to maintain  in our lives. The more I get to know myself, I realize I am drawn to simplicity in all aspects of my life.  My mind tends to run best when I have a clean space in front of me, and my heart is happiest when I have a simple and meaningful love. When it comes to my closet, I tend to grab a pair of Levi's and a basic top, day after day.  It is something that makes working from my studio comfortable and chic at the same time.  I am most inspired when I am comfortable because I can exude all energy into my work instead of thinking about how uncomfortable my attire is.  Lately one of my go-to's has been a cashmere sweater from the Munich-based company, The Sept. I've noticed that the more I familiarize myself with cashmere, the more it is replacing other fabrics and materials in my closet; Cashmere is just so comfortable and looks great at the same time. Just don't accidentally throw it in the dryer.

This sweater by The Sept is the perfect fit, and not to mention quite possibly one of the softest items in my closet. And when I say perfect fit, I mean it– it lays effortlessly. I currently own the black Sienna, but am quickly realizing that the grey melange needs to be on rotation in my closet as well.

THE SEPT is a Munich based label aiming to create a collection of modern everyday essentials with a focus on refined clean design. It is the embodiment of simplicity and minimalism, basing the line on the perfect tee.

With carefully selected materials such as cotton, viscose and cashmere THE SEPT emphasizes natural and minimalist beauty – creating individuality and timelessness.

We at THE SEPT think that feeling comfortable in your own skin while looking beautiful down to a white tee is an invincible combination.

Start now to create white space by reducing your wardrobe and relying on the understated confidence of mostly monochrome and effortless pieces — designed to be kept.

THE SEPT Sienna Cashmere Wool Sweater

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