Rêve En Vert: Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Have you ever looked in your closet and wondered how it all got there? From materials, to the hands that put it together, to the journey to get to you.... if you haven't thought about it before, now is the time to. 

The more I am involved in the Fashion Industry, I find myself searching for what truly speaks to me and where I find passion. I recently connected with Rêve En Vert, a sustainable fashion source with incredible product. Not only is the company beautifully curated, but their ethos is what really resonated with me– read it HERE. Sustainable style, quality, respect, and longevity are just a few standout descriptions, but what they are changing in the industry goes even beyond that. I worked with them to produce four looks including my favorite pieces from their new arrivals– showing how easy it is to wear sustainable fashion and support the brands who are making a difference.


Look Two:

Look Three:

Look Four:


Sustainable Fashion is so important. From the waste we are producing with 'fast fashion' to the ethics to produce that clothing, the foundation of the Fashion Industry is quickly becoming something we need to talk about more. 

We live in a time where there are so many choices, so many options. In a world where overconsumption is considered normal, people don’t often realize that having so much “stuff” is actually hindering their happiness and clarity. Simple living is truly the key to a happy life. Less = more.

In five years, ten years.. I hope my closet is filled only with only pieces I love, the ones I’ve had for years. Sustainable fashion is a partial reflection of knowing who you are. When you have a curated closet, those pieces become a part of you.

Shop Rêve En Vert Here.