Move: My Interview with Grana

Earlier this week, I did a cool little interview with Grana for their new activewear collectionDiscussing my daily routine and how I make an effort to move, here is a little glimpse into my everyday mindset.

What’s a typical day for you like?

Over the years my day has transformed into a routine that I am happy with. My typical morning starts at 5:30am; I wake up just before the sun and am out the door by 6:30 am for yoga. After my morning workout, I focus on my projects for the remainder of the day. Whether that involves emails, a photo shoot, or working on an upcoming blog post, I try to finish everything before sunset so I can relax, cook dinner at home or meet friends for a bite. I love ending my nights in bed with a good book.

How do you find time to move in your day to day?

I’ve realized that moving is a way of life and that a healthy lifestyle starts from our minds. By waking up early I find my days are more productive and that I actually have more energy. Having a dog inspires me to get a breath of fresh air every day. I love taking him to the beach and long walks for sunrise or sunset.

How does active wear work its way into your everyday looks?

Lately, I find myself wearing active wear constantly. Whether in commute to yoga, or an afternoon jog, I try to incorporate yoga pants and crops with my favorite booties and coat. I always bring a sleek leather bag big enough to throw in a hat, beanie and water.


How do you feel when you wear Grana Move?

I feel comfortable and flexible. The Racerfront Crop Top and Full Length Leggings are my favorites; I find myself wearing this look on repeat to yoga and post-yoga to grab a coffee or a brunch date.

Active wear is great for being well, active. But how else is it great?

As a lifelong athlete, I feel good wearing active wear. I think athleisure has no longer become a trend, but a way of life. As we should all strive to move every day, it makes sense that what we wear supports that lifestyle. I wear my Grana Move relaxing at home, or mixed in with my favourite pieces on the go.

What are some your favourite ways to move?

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been an athlete. I went to college on scholarship to play volleyball and since then I’ve found ways to move every day. It was a definite transition going from training hard three hours a day to finding my own ways to work out. Now, surfing, yoga, jogging and weightlifting are what keep me moving every day.


Traveling is another way we like to keep moving, what kind of role does travel play in your life?

Travel is vital for a visual creative. The refreshing feeling of being somewhere new is essential for staying inspired.

What’s a goal that you’re currently working towards?

Our life is only a blink if we don’t take the time to slow down. My goal every day is to be happy, healthy and productive. To master the art of living a balanced life is a goal I strive for.

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