Ursa Major: The Jewelry Company That Is Aesthetically Pleasing In Every Way

Last winter, I had the beautiful connection via modern day communication with a lovely designer named Kate. Little did I know when I first opened the email that I would be draw to someones vision so deeply. As jewelry seems to be a trademark of my everyday wear, feeling connected to both design and inspiration is important to me. The jewelry I wear is a reflection of things that make my happy, so when I learned where Kate's inspiration came from for Ursa Major, I smiled. The inspiration for her work is wide and varied, but always reminisce the stillness of the sea. 'Designed to be contemporary, yet timeless. Subtle, yet distinct. The definition of a modern heirloom.' Photographed with a vision in mind, Ursa Major is a collection that I feel rooted and connected toβ€” just as we are all connected through the sea.


Odell Rings No. 1 & 2 | Matina Hoops No. 2 | Matina Hoops No. 1 | Cori Cuff

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