Reading Material

As time goes on, I find myself drawn to quality pieces. Or say, pieces that have lasted over time, and ones I want to wear over and over again. Does it really matter if we repeat clothes; isn't that what they are meant for? I love vintage shopping and finding cool pieces secondhand. I feel as if it makes your outfit so much more unique. Pairing vintage denim with a cool tee and funky accessories, and your look easily becomes something effortless. I actually found these jeans at a secondhand store; too lazy to try them on,  I brought them home hoping they would look good. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the fit and have been wearing them on repeat. The perfect high rise and ankle crop make them the ideal jean to wear with everything. I've had this Acne leather jacket, my first Acne piece and another secondhand purchase, for a few years now and it is something I am glad I bought. Tucked in with a basic white tee (that reads a really cool reminder), extra large statement earrings and flatform sandals, I wouldn't mind living in this look all spring.

Wearing: NA-KD You Are Gold Tee | Acne Leather Jacket | Vintage Denim | Clare V. Supreme Alice Tote | Big Round And Straight Earrings | LD Tuttle 'The Core 'Flatform Sandals in Wax