Why Bringing Less Is Always A Better Option

Continuing with my ongoing collaboration with von Holzhausen and sharing my favorite travel clutch, I've decided that bringing less is always a better option when running out the door. Lately I've been taking a more minimal approach when it comes to my handbag situation. I've always been the one to have a heavier handbag for the 'just in case' moments. I am the type of person who likes to be prepared for things. For example, I typically have an extra pair of shoes in my car or a sweater in case I get cold. While I still do those things, it's nice to have a lighter option when it comes to what I carry around all day. When I leave the house with only my necessities (keys, phone, wallet, lip tint and a book). I find myself feeling lighter as well, metaphorically speaking of course. This little pouch by von Holzhausen is actually one of my favorites. I used to carry it in a larger bag, full of euros while in Paris, and more typically a lipstick and keys. Now I carry it as the only thing I need (along with a canvas tote used for groceries, dog mom things, etc). It has a minimal leather strap across the front which is perfect for closure, as well as a place to slip your hand in a stylish fashion.

I can't forget to mention the shoes I am wearing by Shaina Mote, which are now available for preorder. I know without a doubt I will be living in these shoes from now on. Advanced apologies (but not really) for how often you will be seeing them on my feet. Paired with my current favorite vintage jeans and an old cropped sweater, I feel the most myself, and most flattered for my curvy body type, in a relaxed look like this one.

I've recently joined a book club created by Emma Roberts & Karah Preiss called BelletristBelletrist is an online platform that celebrates great books and the people who read them. I've always been the type of woman that loves to read. Whether it would be a novel, biography, art book or a cool magazine, I love diving into fresh pages and absorbing what it has to offer. In a digital world, where most of my days are spent staring at a screen, it is such a luxurious escape to be able to feel pages in between my fingers and take in the smell of a good read. Being a part of a community is so cool, which has tempted  and inspired me to make a separate category on my blog for my favorite reads. Hmm..

Wearing: Rachel Comey Sweater | Vintage Denim | Shaina Mote Menhir Mule | von Holzhausen Pouch in Sand |  Argento Vivo Open Hoops

Currently Reading: South And West by Joan Didion